Thursday, September 24, 2009

The White House - Lindy Romez

Based on a tip from a reader I went to an event called Timucua White House. This is a private home of Benoit Glazer, the musical director of Circue du Soleil, at 2000 South Summerlin Avenue where music acts are featured salon style in the families living room. The first act featured Benoit on the trumpet accompanied by his very talented kids. On this day Lindy Romez performed with her band, SolY Mar. Juan Leon played the Bass, Chapman Stick played the native American flute and guitar, Gary Tompkins was on guitar, Johnnie Spulveda was on the hand drums and Ralph Gray played the kit drums. In the corner of the stage an artist worked on a canvas when ever the group was playing. The painting was made available for sale when the performances were over.
The home is three stories and opposite the band, a spiral staircase wound upwards offering multiple balcony views of the act. Being curious, I walked to the top of the stairs and that is where I stood to do the sketch. A fair sized crowd of 30 or 40 people were gathered in the living room and stairwell to view the show. Some people leaned against the walls since seating was limited.
Th music had a swinging jazzy beat with a tropical flavor. I found myself swaying my hips to the beat the whole time I was sketching. The intimate space made the music resonate deeply in my chest. This is the second time I separated the performers from the audience with the centerfold of the sketchbook. It seems a natural divide. The heat from all the stage lights rose up and I found myself sweating up a storm as I sketched. It was worth it however since I love this aerial view of the event.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Cheryl said...

Does the family charge an entry fee? What a great event! Artists, musicians, and music and art appreciators in your own home. Your sketches are fantastic!!!

Thor said...

No entry fee. They just love having artists and art appreciators in their home. I believe they host the event monthly. I am sure to go back.

Robyn said...

the have a very detailed calendar on their website,
alle vents free, just bring a bottle of wine or a tray of cookies to share

Scottie Campbell said...

How awesome is that? Thanks for sharing, Thor.

Juan R. Leõn said...

Wow! Love the sketch man! The percussionist for that gig was Johnny Sepulveda by the way.He has bee with us on and off since our inception as Sol Y Mar,Lindy's live band. there any way I can get a hardcopy of your scetch? I would love to frame it for my music room.
Wonderful work Thor...this is awesome.You even caught my wife sitting on the left side of the bench in he red shirt.Too cool brother!
Juan R. Leõn

Ralph Gray said...

Beautiful sketch, Thor! You really captured the whole vibe that night! The Glazer Family are warm and exquisite people who have a true love for art and music. They were wonderful hosts and made us feel really special. I'm glad you enjoyed the music. The audience that night was one of best I'd ever played for. I would love to get a copy as well! I'll be in touch soon for details.

Thor said...

Hey Juan thanks for the corrections I will update the post.

Thor said...

Juan and Ralph, I sell the sketches for $200 each. This involves reworking the watercolor on a single sheet of watercolor paper to get rid of the sketchbook centerfold. If you are interested contact me by