Tuesday, August 4, 2009

War of the Worlds - Text

At Saturday's matinee performance of War of the Worlds, the usual announcement about turning off cell phones was changed. The back row of the theater was reserved for tweeters. This section would allow individuals to tweet about the performance as they watched it using iPhones and Blackberries. Performance artist Brian Feldman was ushered to the tweeting section and his fingers were in constant motion during the show.
A little late. Good thing I'm very familiar with the War of the Worlds story. 11:19 AM War of the Worlds Actor Brandon Roberts is my long-lost brother. 11:20 AM Where's Orson? 11:22 AM Trivia: BrianFeldman's eaten dinner on OrlandoShakes' Goldman Theater stage w/ his family (FeldmanDynamic) 15 times. 11:24 AM Oh cool! The action stopped for a second while they (the actors) decided what to do (world of the show). 11:24 AM RT @ War of the Worlds Zingo! 11:25 AM @War of the Worlds TMI? 11:27 AM Marshall Law? Or Martian Law? 11:27 AM @ Omar Delarosa Believe it. 11:28 AM I know this show's less than 30 minutes in, but I already have an idea for my own War of the Worlds show. October? 11:29 AM This show makes me want to see Floyd Collins. 11:31 AM I like how this version shows both sides: the broadcast and the public's response (in a time way before Twitter). 11:34 AM They just mentioned last week's New Jersey corruption scandal! Relevant. 11:35 AM Heil Martian! 11:36 AM If the heat rays have truly cut off communication, then how am I still tweeting? 11:37 AM This is an actor's show. 11:38 AM Actor up front sounds like Dan Ackroyd in Spielberg's 1941. 11:40 AM You've obviously never seen any of the "Saw" movies. 11:41 AM @ War of the Worlds Yeah, this should totally be set in New Mexico. 11:42 AM Gas masks? Gas masks?!!! Gas masks? Gas masks?!!! Gas masks? Gas masks?!!!! 11:42 AM Dan Ackyrod's voice is back! 11:43 Avoid bridges to Long Island; Hopelessly peanut buttered. 11:44 AM Orson Welles v. BrianFeldman - Only at the @ LovingHut! 11:45 AM 2X2L? 11:45 AM "It's not real?" 11:46 AM You Can't Do That On Radio! Or Television! Or YouTube! Or Twitter! 11:48 AM And now... The Aftermath. People hate The Great Orson Welles! 11:48 AM I need one of those radio mics. 11:50 AM "You only live once"... unless you're a cat. 11:53 AM That's it! War of the Worlds...With Kittens! 12:03 AM Twitter Applause!

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at analogartistdigitalworld@gmail.com


maddest (w)rung productions said...

We are doing the Tweet seat again on Sunday at 7:00 pm.

So funny, was Brian the only tweeting. Must get the word out for next time.

Meghan M said...

I saw the show that afternoon, and was in the center section middle row . . .about 1/4 into the show, three people . . one of whom I found out later was the director . . came to the middle row far house right and began texting or tweeting. The glow from his phone in the darkened theatre was most prevalent in my peripheral vision the entire remainder of the show. It really pulled me from my involvement of the onstage work. When you repeat the experiment, I beg you, for the audiences sake . . .please stay in the back row!

maddest (w)rung productions said...

I am so glad Meghan said that. We will certainly try harder to be out of everyone else's periphery. Thanks for the feedback!

Brian Feldman said...

Yeah, it’s best to set screen Brightness to the lowest level, turn off the sound of Keyboard Clicks and sit in the back row.