Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Savoy

Prior to opening night of War of the Worlds Michael Wanzie invited people to come out to Savoy for a drink prior to seeing the show. I decided to go to this event to get a sketch at the bar since I knew I didn't want to sketch during the War of the Worlds performance, I wanted to finally see the show straight through without having to glance at my sketchbook. When I walked in to the Savoy I was caught by surprise. Men were dancing on platforms and shaking their stuff. I walked the length of the bar and found an empty table in the back with a view of all the action. I ordered a drink and got some sort of Mango pink drink shot for free that was delicious.
I quickly got out the pens and paper and got to work. Terry never joins me when I am out sketching, she prefers to have my full attention. However this night she agreed to meet me as I finished up my sketch just prior to the show. Terry arrived about half way through the sketch and she called me to make sure she was at the right place, she wasn't sure she should enter. I talked her back to my corner. The owner of the bar came over to see what I was doing and he really liked the sketch. I wrote down by blog address for him so he could see this post when it comes out. The waiter who served my drink made sure to brush my hand. That probably helps with the tips. I rather liked the music and festive atmosphere, everyone was so friendly. As it turns out Michael Wanzie was sitting just two tables away, he is the fellow with the green shirt in the sketch. Terry and I said hello as we headed out to get to the play.
Post Script: September 1st I got a letter from the city stating I had an unpaid parking ticket and that I owe the city $45. After researching where I was the day the ticket was supposedly issued (there was nothing on the windshield) I discovered that I got the ticket when I parked near the Savoy on opening night of War of the Worlds. The ticket wasn't for parking in an no parking spot but for parking with the butt of my vehicle facing west rather than east. This leads me to suspect the city is targeting members of the gay community or simply punishing people who love the arts. I have no way to defend myself against this bogus ticket so lesson learned this city is in need of money and will do anything to get it, Beware!

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