Friday, August 14, 2009

SAK Comedy Club

The SAK Comedy Lab held a panel discussion among eight members of the improv comedy group. For the first half of the panel, Richard Paul acted as the MC and asked questions of the troupe. When asked where did each of you come from, everyone answered at once.
When asked what their greatest horror story was on the stage, Mark related a story in which he had been given a bottle of Champagne before a performance. He had never had Champagne before but he decided to have a few drinks right before going on stage. He stumbled onto the stage and "acted" drunk holding onto the bottle. Before long he realized that he was drunk and his act was quickly sliding down hill. Unfortunately he wasn't a funny drunk. This was his most embarrassing moment of his career.
Robyn who is the only female member of the cast related that she grew up in a family with all brothers and herself.She said that growing up in a family of all brother prepared her for the stage. She then gestured to all the med seated beside her. She then related that she would like to see more women get into comedy. She also want to see women break out of established roll, for instance the ditsy blond. She also said women can aspire to any position and any roll is possible. At this point David Russell shouted out "Except President!" This got a big laugh from the audience.
David Russell related a story in which he decided to go on stage with pants o n his arms and his legs stuffed through shirt sleeves. He wanted to enter on stage walking on his hands but dressed as if he was right side up. He forgot that the shirt had a large opening for his head and became concerned when he felt a breeze between his legs. Mike Carr chimed in "That is why they call it the SAK Theater."
David summed up the ingredients for great comedy with three simple ingredients: Truth, Excellence, and joy. This was my first time visiting the SAK and I definitely want to experience more.

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