Friday, August 28, 2009

Lake Quinault

This trip to Washington state is making me discover and attempt to differentiate many different shades of green. Pines had a much darker green as opposed to the yellow ocher green of conifers. This lodge was the end of a hectic days drive as I rushed to find a place that had internet access. This sort of Swiss looking lounge was a place where I was able to set up and check e-mails. Besides getting apiece sent off to Orlando Home and Leisure I also had to work up an assignment for an auto company that wants to run a blog sketch on 25,000 bags for an auto conference. They picked an image that has alot of Photoshop painting involved and since that image is at the home studio, I had to rework the whole painting. So rather than relaxing at the lake, we decided to drive through to Seattle the next day, where I finished work on the painting.
When we got to Seattle we visited Gabi and his family. Gabi founded "Urban Sketchers" and it was fantastic to get a chance to flip through some of his sketchbooks. Gabi also had that days newspaper out which featured one of his sketches in the local section. I asked for the page since which would be helpful as a way for me to pitch the idea of an Orlando Sentinel sketch blog.
From Gabi's house we drove down to Queen Ann Hill again to visit Terry's sister.

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