Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hurricane Ridge

On the second day in the Pacific Northwest Terry and I picked up a rental car and escaped the city of Seattle. We took a Ferry over to Bremerton Island and rode out to explore the Olympic Peninsula. Terry did all the driving. I got drowsy from watching the road rushing toward me. The big stop for the day was Hurricane Ridge. We got half way up the road leading to the ridge when all traffic stopped. We found out that the road had been blocked up ahead by a huge rock slide. I do not know how long the road had been blocked but we were told that it would be clear in a couple of minutes. An hour or so later we heard cheers from cars ahead of us. and traffic started to move. When we got to the top, we were treated to a huge panoramic vista of the Olympic mountains. I took the opportunity to sketch the tourists as they shot photos and took in the view.
In the parking lot a deer wandered around eating clumps of grass and groups of tourists including Terry followed it and shot photos. That might have made a great sketch, but the deer was in constant motion. I let the monument slide and relaxed in the car enjoying the air conditioning. I am not yet on west coast time and I am feeling the jet lag.

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