Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Screaming Eagle

I went back to Zembower's when my truck started making throaty noises like a Harley Davidson makes when it had no muffler. The guys in the shop had the work finished before I had this sketch complete. It turns out some small clamp was loose and it was in an area the mechanics had been working the previous time I had taken the truck in for repairs. Would you believe they did not charge me a dime! I was also given a card for a free oil change next time I stop in. This is a top notch shop and I will never be bringing my car in to the dealership again for work. I know the mechanics at Zembower's will do a much better job and they will admit to a mistake, if it is made.
The bike belongs to the boss and is named the Screaming Eagle. The slick blue metalic paint and chrome glitter in the sunlight.

All artwork is for sale. Some originals available as well as limited edition prints. Commissions upon request. Please contact artist.

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