Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letters to God

I got a tip that a feature length film is being shot in Winter Garden. I drove through the downtown district and didn't notice anything. I figured I had missed the action. I parked and walked around and decided to head down a side street figuring I would get more shade. Within a block I ran into this Methodist church. It is here that the film crew was set up. There were spot lights for each of the stained glass windows and a large camera lift parked out back.
The film is called "Letters to God"and is directed by David Nixon. It is the story of a little boy who gets cancer and from his bed he writes letters each night asking god to help other sick people he has met. The mailman who collects the letters doesn't have the heart to throw them out so he researches and finds the people mentioned in the letters and delivers the letters to them. In the end the boy dies, but his letters inspire all who read them. The film is based on a true story, and was written by Patrick Dowdey who's son had cancer. Filming is also being done at Arnold Palmer Hospital.
While working on this sketch, the parking lot gradually filled up. It seems filming is being done at night perhaps because it is easier to control the lighting on the stained glass windows. I wish I had the time to stay and do a second sketch inside but I had to get to the night shift at work. One fellow drove in front of me rolled down his window and asked if I was that religious calender artist. I explained that I wasn't and asked what the calender artists name is. He didn't know.

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