Friday, May 8, 2009

Wayburn Sassy and the Fringe Preview

At the last minute I got a tip from reader, Dewey Chaffee that there was going to be a Fringe preview at the Central Florida Fair. As I arrived there was Wayburn Sassy shouting at the passers by trying to get them to come in to see the show. He used every carnies trick in the book with insults and curses thrown in for good measure. What I love about Wayburn is that he is not afraid to speak his mind. Whatever thought pops into his head is immediately shouted out.
Wayburn is a hoot and I hope to catch him again at the Fringe Festival.
The Fringe performances were wonderful. Two acts particularly stood out for me. They were Varie Tease and Voci Dance. Varie Tease had amazing Moulin Rouge like costumes and tense exuberant dance moves. Voci dance was a modern dance troup and the performances were sublime. There is something very rewarding about watching cutting edge performances at a culture deprived event such as the Central Florida Fair. I left the Fringe preview feeling elated and confident that the arts are indeed alive in Central Florida.

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Dewey Chaffee said...

Yayyyy! There we are! We finally made it onto your really COOL sketch blog!

Mission accomplished!

Thank you so much, Thoma. See you at Fringe!s

Thor said...

Fringe button and pass in hand, can not wait. Sounds like the beer tent is the place to sketch.