Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Orlando Philharmonic

The Philharmonic offered the Board of Directors a chance to experience the music up close and personal. After a small sit down dinner in the atrium of the theater, Christopher Wilkins, the conductor, explained that in these hard economic times the Orchestra has had to cut back on the number of performances but the organization still stands on solid ground. He said the Orchestra is starting to reach out and involve the community in new and creative ways.
The Orchestra had to rehearse for the final performance of the season. The members of the Board were offered a chance to sit next to their favorite instrument. A Magic game was also going on that night and Christopher said "The Magic never offers it's fans the chance to go right down to the court and experience the game next to the players."
Since my wife plays French Horn, I decided to sketch the brass players. I was sitting right in front of the Timpani drums and a Cello player suggested I get some ear plugs from stage right, which I did. The orchestra rehearsed Dances of Galanta by Kodaly. There were many stops and starts but I must say it was exhilarating! Sitting among the players surrounds you with sound in a way even the best stereo can not duplicate. The Timpani was indeed very loud but I didn't want to dull the experience by using the ear plugs. I have known many of the players for years so sketching them came second hand. I hope Christopher Wilkins will consider letting me sketch during rehearsals more often because this is a great subject to observe and draw.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Barbara Heninger said...

Hi! I just stumbled on your site accidentally, but I love it! I also wanted to comment on your orchestra sketches. I photograph school and community music groups here in California, and I agree that photographing/sketching a rehearsal is a fascinating topic.

One reason I take these photos is to provide artwork for the groups' brochures or websites. I have also used paintings for brochures as well. I wondered if you would be interested in allowing use (with attribution, of course) of some of your artwork in a brochure. If you would charge a fee for this, what would the fee be?

(Examples of some of the photos I do: Redwood Symphony and Mtn. View High School )

Thor said...

Hey Barbara,
Enjoyed seeing your photos.
Brochure pricing for a spot illustration with a print run under 10,000 would be $800. If you are interested let me know.