Friday, May 29, 2009

Grande Hysterie

This sketch is from an event called Blunder Bungle which was organized by Jessica Earley. The event or party took place in MoMNB, the Museum of My Neighbor's Backyard. Twenty or so artists had work hanging off of fences and on the side of the house.
Erika Wilhite sat in a secluded corner of the yard with small stage lights illuminating her from below. She was dressed in a white night gown which made it seem like she had wandered into this event by mistake. She would play raucous songs on the accordion and then periodically select an audience member for a special demonstration.
After I finished this sketch she picked me for one of these demonstrations. I was asked to stand close, but not to close mind you. She then showed me a white glove and as she delicately pulled the glove onto her hand she explained that she was about to show me something truly beautiful. She daintily pulled the glove tightly down over each finger. Then she worked her fingers to test the fit. She reached behind her for one of the balloons and showed it to me as she cooed softly about the beauty of what I was about to behold. With the balloon inches from my face, she popped it with an quick motion and began to laugh maniacally as I jumped back in surprise. She continued to laugh uncontrollably until her handler, A man with a top hat and a waxed mustache, calmed her down and had her sit down. Erika's demonstrations of grand hysteria had me mesmerized, and I drifted back several times as she worked her magic on other unsuspecting audience members.

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