Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wrap Party

I drove up to the Maitland Art Center for the Wrap party. Joining me tonight would be Jana who who would search the crowd for hidden human interest stories while I sketched. I arrived early and went down to the water front to enjoy the sun and watch the water skiers ride the wakes. I pulled out a sketch book and splashed on some watercolor on an unfinished sketch to pass the time. When I heard the music start up I went over to the entrance to wait for Jana so I could get her in. I waited, and waited. I pulled out the sketch again and messed around with the colors while leaning against a light pole but my heart wasn't in it now, I was getting annoyed. When Jana did show she said she had been writing and lost track of time. As an artist I suppose I should understand that, but right then I didn't understand anything.
When we got in, there was Travis Blaise an animator from my old Disney Feature Animation Days. Travis and Jana introduced themselves. (I should have done that, but I could not think straight) A photographer swooped in and herded us together for a photo. When Travis and Jana started talking, I took that as my cue to move on and start casing the room looking for a sketch. I was immediately drawn to the music so I sat on a wooden bench and pulled out the sketch book. With the first lines my mood softened. The music slowly charged my lines with rhythm.
With one sketch done, I decided to get some food. With some chili in one hand and a Coke in the other I heard Jana call my name. She introduced me to her friend named Jennifer and since we couldn't shake hands we did an exaggerated cheek kiss. I assumed I would touch base with Jana after the event was over, but she left with her friend early without saying goodbye, which left me wondering if I had insulted them in some way. I haven't got time to sort it all out. I am having to much fun sketching to the jazz beat.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Mary Ann de Stefano said...

I bet that Fred and Ginger stepped on each other's toes from time to time.

ambienthinker said...

Journalistically speaking you were invited to cover the party as a sketch artist, which you did. If you were a photographer you would have been busy shooting, so what's the difference? I would have done the same thing.

Thor said...

Mary Ann, Thanks for making me laugh. I suspect Blogging about people as you get to know them means stepping on more toes.

Brad Kuhn said...

Collaboration is a tricky thing. It can be affected by everything from pine pollen to the pull of the tides and the position of Saturn. Live, forgive, and roll on. This is your creative journey. Float and feel its pull. Just keep doing what you're doing. You'll find your way. We artists, we're ALL a quirky bunch.

John Pierro said...

Maybe it's time to put the angry man drawing back on as your photo Mr. Grumpy:) Ha!
I think your writing got off track. I propose a re-write.
Feel free not to post this, just a thought Tommy

Thor said...

I actually have taken you advice since I was very heavy handed and unfair in the initial writing. Hopefully the trimming makes the rewrite a bit more level.