Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sleepless over Washington DC

Analog Artist Digital World is heading out to Washington DC and Virginia for a week long spring break. The flight to DC was a short hop of about two hours. Terry slept the whole time leaning on her snack tray. She woke up just in time to panic about the landing. "Why is he flying so low?" "Does he have to turn so sharply?" "Isn't he to close to the buildings?" Though I rather enjoy flying, some of her panic manages to rub off.
I am entering type with handwriting on the tablet PC and it is slow going, so expect short captions.

Due to my impending divorce, I am no longer ALLOWED to sell my artwork. I therefore have no means of income. I apologize to any interested buyers. I will post when I am again allowed to earn a living.


gabi campanario said...

really cool! you must have extra eyes on the sides of your head! hope you're having a great time in DC. i lived in Alexandria before moving to Seattle. this is a good time of the year to visit the nation's capital

Thor said...

Thanks gabi. I miss seeing your sketches daily. Saw your in flight sketch of the young girl drawing. Loved it. It is amazing that we can post sketches while on vacation.