Monday, March 23, 2009

Whole Foods Fresh Market

Terry and I went down to see the Whole Foods Outdoor Fresh Market. There really wasn't much of a selection when it came to produce. This sketch is of one of the few vendors that offered plants and produce. The rest of the vendors offered cheap trinkets and crafts, non of which interested me. One vendor did have nice ripe tomatoes for a great price, but honestly the trip was a bit of a hassle. The tents take up a large chunk of the parking lot leaving few spaces to park and some genius arranged it so all the traffic leads to a dead end at a traffic cone where everyone must do a 10 point turn to go back the other way. Some folks back up at top speed while others are making the turn. It is a disaster waiting to happen. In front of the store a huge tourist bus was parked in the no parking zone forcing cars to face off into one lane of traffic. A security officer was yelling at the bus driver to get out of there before there was a head on collision. Whatever urban planner designed the traffic flow of this spot should be fired. If Americans didn't have cars this place could be a fun place to shop.

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dewey chaffee said...

You are so right about the planning of this location. That alone is the one reason I never go in there. Getting in and out is atrocious.

Great sketch, though! That was what made the trip worth it for all of us.

John David Thornton said...

Tom, great sketches.
esp. love the panoramics.
See you in October.