Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trick eats grass

After her riding lesson Terry washed Trick and used a scraper to get most of the water off. She then let him wander about eating grass in the sunlight so he could dry off before going back in the barn. Trick left a sizable gift on the washing platform which had to be swept up and put in the portable poo bucket. These horses are truly pampered.
While I was sketching, Trick would chew the grass and kept stepping forward toward me. For whatever reason he must have thought that the grass right under my feet was the most delectable. I would back up a few steps and sure enough he would end up nibbling right at my toes.

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Anonymous said...

Trick seems to know that the grass is always greener underneath the sketch artist's feet!

JPierro said...

Wow Tom, you sure are a busy man. Love what you're doing and really enjoy your story telling along the way. Keep up the great work, I'm hooked. I'll catch up with you this week at work and make some plans for you to come by.

Thor said...

Glad you stopped in John. It will be great to sketch you at work (your studio, not Full Sail).

Thor said...

I don't know Dewey, I am almost sure I stepped in something that would make that grass a bit of a brownish green.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, my name is Lauren and I'm an instructor at M&M Equestrian, and I love your sketches! I've taught Terry once and she's very talented. She has come such a far way since she's been with us! Emily and I are proud of her.
Keep up the great work!

Thorette said...

Lauren, this is Terry or Thorette as I sometimes call myself in relation to Tom or Thor. How did you find this? My riding lesson is the best part of my week and I love it. Wish Tom would come back and draw more. Emily has been an astounding teacher and I like how she challenges me every lesson.