Saturday, March 7, 2009

M&M Equestrian Center

Today Terry had another lesson at the Snow Kissed Stables, M&M Equestrian Center. It was a beautiful morning for a ride. For the first time the sweet smell of orange blossoms filled the air. Pink blossoms around the barn were just starting to bud. Spring is in the air. When Terry was in the barn getting Trick ready for the ride, I could hear her constant sneezing. She is allergic to the pollen in the air and I suspect she might be allergic to horses but that certainly will not stop or dampen her experience. Emily her instructor is patient and offers constant advice. She does practice tough love sometimes to make a point. She shouted out to Terry once, "See this pebble in my hand? I am going to throw it at you if you do not sit centered in the saddle." Wouldn't you know, Terry started riding centered in the saddle.

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