Friday, March 13, 2009

Legally Blonde Cast

I like totally got to meet the cast of Legally Blonde The Musical along with 80 other 13 year old aspiring actresses and stage moms wearing hot pink and sequins. The event was hosted by Barnes and Noble and it was a smash hit.
Becky Gulvig plays Elle Woods in the play. She went to a casting call right out of high school with thousands of other girls and was picked to be the understudy for Laura Bell Bundy in the Broadway production of Legally Blonde. She admits her life was tuned upside down. The other cast members wanted to stress the landing such a dream job on the first try isn't par for the course as an actor. Most actors must go to hundreds of auditions and live in quiet desperation until they land a part. Several other members of the cast are runners up from an MTV Reality show "The Search for Elle Woods". I was particularly impressed with the story of the bulldog Nellie who plays Rufus in the play. Nellie was discovered in a dog shelter in Hoboken and was found to be a true ham. From rags to riches, she now finds herself touring the country with a talented band of actors. Nellie was on hand and let out a loud bark once in a while to express her opinion.
I must admit Legally Blonde is a guilty pleasure. Gulsvig says every one can learn from the character of Elle. "If you stay true to yourself and work very hard you can get what you want. You just can't let other people's judgements about you - get you down."

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Anthony said...

I love your work! I was introduced to your sketches via the Urban Sketchers blog. The economy of line, color and perspective are inspiring. Especially perspective: Your drawings beautifully show the, in my opinion, superiority of human eye perspective over the more mechanical camera perspective seen in photo-referenced drawings. I will come back often!

Thor said...

Thank you Anthony. I have actually followed your work for quite some time. It is an honor to have you stop in.