Monday, March 2, 2009

Confessions of a critic

Wall Street Journal theater critic Terry Teachout gave a talk on what he feels a theater critics roll is in society. He told a story of how he met a critic once over a drink and when he asked his fellow critic what he was up to next, the critic perked up and said with glee that he was about to pan a play. He explained that to many critics go into a production with a review already set in there mind. He feels that to many critics are not competent enough to right reviews. The first 15 minutes of any play always have the audiences full attention. At that 15 minute mark the play ether continues to grab the audience or they are lost. He always goes into a play wanting to write a good review.
Terry confessed that his first love was music, but at a painful point in his life he had to admit that he did not have a creative spirit. He found he was a better writer than a musician. Therefor he always approaches a theater review with a bit of reverence, respecting the very act of putting on a show. He explained that theater is as vibrant as ever, but in these uncertain economic times it is important that people go to the shows. The very future of theater depends on it.

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Dewey Chaffee said...

So very well put, Thomas! If all critics felt this way, theater would probably have a much stronger following and a more vibrant support system.

By the way, I mentioned your wonderful blog to all of my viewers at my video blog here:

Enjoy the day!

Ellis Nadler said...

i assume you coloured this later?

Thor said...

Ars longa vita brevis.
Thank you for linking to my blog. I have already gotten a comment from someone who discovered my blog through your site.

Thor said...

Ellis, no actually watercolor was added in the theater. I did pump up the red color the next day in Photoshop.