Saturday, February 28, 2009


txt was a performance by Brian Feldman at the Jack Kerouac house in College Park. The premise of the performance piece was that the audience would text the script to Brian as he performed by reading his iPhone. A small stage was set up in front of the fireplace in the living room and 2 lamps were placed on either side of the stage as foot lights.
The performance felt more like a digital seance rather than a simple reading. All thumbs and index fingers were busy typing as Brian started to read a strange disjointed mix of ideas. His reading was peppered with sexually explicit language that even comedian George Carlin might be embarrassed by. I began to think I was in the room with a mix of lunatics rather than a quaintly bohemian audience. That guy in the back row looked like he was having way to much fun as he typed his entries. He must have been the one who typed over and over that fingers are people.
At one point Brian glanced at a message and turned to look at a picture of Jack Kerouac on the wall behind him. He then recited, "That Jack Kerouac is a hunk, I'd do him". Had a woman in the audience really typed that? Could the guy giggling to himself in the back row have typed that? I found myself laughing uncontrollably at the absurdity of many of the texts being transmitted.
The young couple in the sketch had to share an iPhone. First she would text and then she would hand it off so he could text. My wife, Terry, said than none of her texts had been recited. That caused me to think afterward that perhaps like a seance not everything was as it seemed. Regardless I was certainly entertained.
Post Script: A number of participants informed me that without a doubt all texts were strictly written by audience. Texting seems to unlock inhibitions, it offers a chance to write things that would never be said under normal circumstances. txt was a Mad Lib with an emphasis on Mad.

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carbon said...

There was no script. He read almost all of my txts.

mysamui said...

That's my red shoe! I think. Thanks Tom for the lovely drawing and for witnessing Brian's crazy performance art. I know for certain that he said only what was typed in since he said everything that I typed. I liked wondering who said what and riffed my txts off of things other people were saying. Entertaining for sure. See you again soon.

Thor said...

Carbon,I stand corrected. I now do believe the texts came from the audience. My doubts came from a non-believer and non-texter.
Mysamui, yes that is your red shoe.
What a great time!

Dewey Chaffee said...

Holy monkey! What an incredible blog! I am so glad that I stumbled across this! How original. And your art is fantastic! I am enthralled, to say the least. Be certain that I am book marking your blog so as not to miss a single entry.
I hope that you pop up someday and honor us with a sketch of our number one client, Entertainment Legend Wayburn Sassy!


Dewey CHaffee

Thor said...

I decided to write a postscript. Thanks for the feedback. I am starting to realize that stating a contrary or even false opinion elicits more comments. Hmmmm.

Thorette said...

OK, this is Thorette (Thor's wife) commenting. I am the one who put the thread of doubt in Thor's mind. But NEVER listen to a person as technically challenged as me. The test worked out at the beginning of the reading. I just can never get my phone to work. The only tech. device that works consistently for me is my work computer because we have an 800# I can call, which I do at least twice a day!!!

RickJones said...

I want to see your sketch of Wayburn Sassy too!!!

Thor said...

I checked out your site. It would be fun to sketch Wayburn Sassy anytime. e-mail me.