Thursday, February 26, 2009

Infusion Tea Reading

Infusion Tea on Edgewater Drive featured another reading by Kerouac House resident artist Michael Hawley. This was Michael's last evening in Orlando. The next day he would have to pack and fly a plane back to NYC. He said he felt a bit sad to leave but he was grateful for the time he had been given to write without interruption. The evening was hosted by Naomi Butterfield. Besides Michael 5 other authors recited poetry and excerpts from works in progress. I was very impressed by the reading from the author who is seated to the far left in the sketch, her name is Stacy Barton. She read chapter 6 from her first novel which is about a young female art student who was essentially date raped. This young artist while sketching is approached by the child of a midwife who is so forward that she reaches out and places her hand on the artists belly and coos to the child inside. This haunting and tender image remains one that leaves me wanting to know more. I again find myself thrilled and inspired by all the talent in the room.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


David Nethery said...

Great blog you have here Thor !

I'm glad to have found it.

I drop into Infusion Tea frequently, but not usually at night (I go there sometimes during the afternoon . I can have a good cup of tea and do my work on my laptop) . So, I've missed out on the readings and other events. This one sounds like something I would have enjoyed so I need to make a point of getting over there for one of these events. Maybe I'll run into you there one time.

Your sketchbook drawings and paintings are inspiring.

Thor said...

Dave, What a small world. Great to hear from you! How did you wander across my humble blog? I checked out your blog and bookmarked it. I am helping Kathy teach traditional animation part time at Full Sail, so your blog will come in handy for classroom inspiration.
I assume you know Dominics new company Premise is farming out animation CU scenes here in Florida. Looks like you are now in San Francisco. I will try to catch up by reading your blog.

Stacy Barton said...

im the author to the far left - stumbled to your blog through darlyn and mary ann (mad about words) i had simply come to see your sketches and found myself perched among them - what a thrill that was (after all, we are just goofy kids waving at ourselves in the security cameras!)

beautiful work - unbelievable quest!

Thor said...

Stacy! You are the author who's work I loved so much! Sorry to have lost the name in the excitement of the event. I will update the post. How wonderful that you stumbled across this blog. Please let me know if you ever do another reading. I want to hear more.