Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well's Built Museum of African American History and Culture

Since I was not invited to attend the inauguration in Washington DC, I decided to honor Obama by sketching the old Well's Built Hotel. Built in 1926 this building provided lodging to African Americans during segregation when rooms were not otherwise available. Today the building is a Museum of African American History and Culture. The building was strangely deserted, perhaps folks were at an inauguration party in another part of town.

Due to my impending divorce, I am no longer ALLOWED to sell my artwork. I therefore have no means of income. I apologize to any interested buyers. I will post when I am again allowed to earn a living.


Bill Sharp said...

Very cool sketches. Great color and very nicely designed.

Thorsx said...

Thanks Bill. I stopped by your blog and really like the loose application of washes.

Dewey Chaffee said...

I just finished reading "Native Son" by Richard Wright. After that experience, and after seeing this sketch (i know where this building is...) I want to go see this museum.