Friday, January 30, 2009

Animation Class

I work part time at Full Sail as a Studio Artiste'. This means I help out in the lab as students are working on animation assignments. I like that this gets me out of my studio to meet young enthusiastic students just discovering this amazing medium. Here is a typical view of the Full Sail students at work doing traditional animation. On the left are the work tables with disks where the animation drawings are produced. On the right students are sitting at stations where they shoot the drawings which are then digitized and played back in sequence on computers. This allows the students to quickly see the animation play at 24 frames per second.

Due to my impending divorce, I am no longer ALLOWED to sell my artwork. I therefore have no means of income. I apologize to any interested buyers. I will post when I am again allowed to earn a living.


Isabel said...

love the guy leaning back with his hands behind his head well captured

Thorsx said...

Wonderful to see your photo and sketches as the header on Urban Sketchers site.